Druidry and the Future – cover notes

A wonderful and important thing!!

Druid Life

Here’s the cover for a small book I’m self-publishing. The reason I’ve gone it alone for this one is that there’s a good 9 months of lead time doing anything at Moon Books, and I felt this needed to move now. I’ll be sorting out ebook versions in the next few weeks.

The cover came about in no small part because Tom Brown (my co-conspirator in most things) has been thinking a lot about hope punk recently. Hope punk was coined as a literary term to offer some kind of alternative to grimdark. However, the notion of hope punk really lends itself to visual expression. What would a restorative, regenerative, generous sort of future look like? If we can dream it, we have a much better chance of making it happen.

We tend to associate Paganism with rural settings, although most of us live in more urban areas. So, here’s…

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Morning Cuppa: Sinners

A lovely new review of Sinners!

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Back From Weekend At The Asylum / The Naming Of Wyverns…

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Lou Pulford (part of our Books and Ephemera team at Asylum) on her experience. We are BIG fans of Lou!

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After the Asylum

Nimue on our time at Asylum. It was, not to put too fine a point on it, epic.

Druid Life

I write this blog post on the morning after getting back from Asylum in Lincoln – the biggest Steampunk event in the UK, one of the biggest on the world, in fact. Perhaps the biggest. It involves a great many people, and is always an epic experience.

I’ve always gone to the event to work. This year and last year, Tom and I have run space for books and comics people. We’ve taken a team, provided daytime entertainment and looked after a venue. This tends to leave us too tired to do much of the evening stuff. But still, it’s a great thing to be part of.

This year, I got to meet Nils Nisse Visser, whose novel – Amster Damned – I’ve reviewed here. I also got to meet Stephen Palmer, whose Factory Girl trilogy I reviewed here. This is no kind of coincidence. We’re picking people who…

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Gatherer of Souls

A book cover I am very proud to have done, and very glad to be associated with. Lorna writes books that will make you think about things in an entirely different way and open up new internal visas. This is magic, as I understand it.

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Elevenses: With Nimue Brown and the Sinners of Hopeless Maine

In which there is lemonade, tentacles, and Nimue being *very* amusing!

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Review: ‘Darkest Part’, by Madeleine Harwood

The Catbox

‘Darkest Part’ is the first album by Madeleine Harwood, an a-cappella folk singer from Gloucestershire.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Madeleine lately on social media, from friends in the Folk and Pagan scene, as well as on Folk radio programmes. I was therefore thrilled to receive a copy of her CD to review.

The art was the first thing to grab me. By Tom Brown, co-creator of ‘Hopeless, Maine‘, it hints at the musical tone within, but doesn’t give too much away.

This was an album unlike any I’d heard in a long time. I pressed Play, only to hear a deep intake of breath… before a beautiful voice soared from the speakers, like a bird’s first song breaking the silence of the morning. Madeleine’s vocals are absolutely breathtaking; her words rise and fall as a lone instrument, clear and strong. It’s easy to image these songs…

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Audio fiction at the centre of the world

Fast Food at the Centre of the World-read by Nimue is now up in its entirety for you to enjoy!

Druid Life

I am delighted to announce that my speculative novel – Fast Food at the Centre of the Wold – is now entirely up at bandcamp and you can start listening to it here – https://nimuebrown.bandcamp.com/track/fast-food-at-the-centre-of-the-world-part-one

This is a novel recorded by me in 22 episodes – each episode is about twenty minutes long. If you listen on bandcamp you can hear the whole thing for free, so far as I know. I encourage you to do that! (If you want to throw money at me, that’s lovely, but you definitely don’t have to.)

This is a story with a lot of magic in it. While the magic is considerably more dramatic than the kinds of experiences Pagans tend to report, I’ve tried to root it in ways that make sense. The most obvious sorcerer in the mix – Dunsany – is very much a will worker and comes from the…

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Not keeping up appearances

Of us, and how we do things at present.

Druid Life

One of the consequences of doing anything well, is that it tends to look effortless. If you’re doing something professionally, it is of course desirable to look as good as you can while doing it. Success is attractive. Relaxed capability is attractive. You want people looking at the elegant swan you’ve put into the world, not all the frantic paddling below the surface required to keep it there.

The problem with this – and I see it a lot – is that a significant number of people will assume it is indeed, effortless for you to do what you do. If they can’t see how much time and effort went into getting you to the point whereby it is indeed easy, they’ll use words like ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ and maybe ‘lucky’. This can have consequences. It can leave other people assuming that they should be that good for no effort…

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The Life and Times of Angel Evans

Hello! As most of our blogging focus is on Hopeless, Maine this year (and that happens over here) I thought I’d spend some time over here bringing attention to some of the amazing things and creators we have found in our travels.

This time, I’d like to tell you about Meredith Debonnaire. If she does not become one of the major voices for her generation in fantasy, I will be very surprised. Seriously. Her story, The Life and Times of Angel Evans has a novel’s worth of unspeakably cool ideas in it and a VOICE. Dear gods, what a voice! In terms of density and originality of ideas, it compares favorably with China Miéville. There is also a novel’s worth of suggested story here. There is deft invocation of atmosphere and a complex believable character in an impossible situation. The emotional weight is utterly convincing (for reasons) and is offset by wild offbeat humor. Five out of five stars. Highly recommended.  If you need more after finishing Angel Evans (and you will) She also has a blog in which you will find Tales from Tantamount, which is bloody genius.


Go forth.


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