New England Gothic Cover Art

Here is the cover art that I did recently for New England Gothic.

It features a view looking towards the island of Hopeless, Maine from just offshore. Also pictured, one of the lamps from the lighthouse (designed and built by Sal’s insane grandfather) and some of the fauna of Hopeless at the top.

New England Gothic (coming soon in one form or another) is the backstory of Annamarie Nightshade and features a number of the characters who appear in the webcomic – as well as quite a few who don’t.

Original art in pencil on 11X17 bristol board with some photoshop for tones and glows.

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2 Responses to New England Gothic Cover Art

  1. jaylancaster says:

    Ooo I am loving the colours! I am so used to your monochrome work; this is great!

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