At The End of The Bed 2 (Salamandra’s room)

Here is the second piece for our holiday story “At the End of the Bed”. This (like the previous) was done entirely with tablet and Photoshop (from scanned sketch) Exploring the O’Stoat esthetic and their..sensibility here (as well as hopefully doing justice to Bryn’s story) Sal’s family is odd and complex. (and their “history” is sending off shoots in some interesting directions.)

If you have not been following the story and have no idea what I’m talking about when i mention Sal and her family. This would be a good place to start . (And for more background, you could also read the Hopeless Vendetta)

Part one of our holiday story (which this illustrates) would be somewhere right

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One Response to At The End of The Bed 2 (Salamandra’s room)

  1. That would make a great poster.

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