Lost Bards and Dreamers


“At table, in ritual,
Session, dance or journey,
Welcome kindred spirit
If you want this, it is yours.”
A quote here, from Brynneth Nimue’s new collection of poetry, Lost bards and dreamers. I was fortunate enough to have to opportunity to do the cover art, and to read much of the verse as Brynneth wrote it. As I read, I was touched, challenged, charmed and frequently awed (and still am) .

Lost Bards and Dreamers explores philosophy, and druid spirituality, reflecting on moments of connection with the natural world. Drawing on the language of ritual at times, and offering insight from druidic experience, the poetry collection is an expression of green spirituality.
Written over several years by an active druid, these poems reflect the seasons, tides of life and a spirituality that never allows the follower to become too comfortable. There is always change and challenge, new wonders to encounter, new trials to face. Druidry is not a book faith, and is very much about experience, relationship, and conscious engagement with the world. Lost Bards and Dreamers offers moments of druidry, sharing the inspiration of the journey.”
This collection is available for download now, and I understand that print copies will soon be available from Alpheratz Press.
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