Work in progress- art for Steampunk World’s Fair.

Last year, i was fortunate enough to be one of the guests at the Steampunk World’s fair. I have to say, in all honesty it was the best event i have ever participated in or attended. It was smoothly run, had an incredible mix of music performance, art, participatory events and it was just a great mix of people. I’ve done manga/anime cons in the past and though they went well for us, the people at the SPWF just seemed to GET us. Hopeless and the art have never been so well received. (also i got to meet Brigid Ashwood, Brian Viglione, Professor Elemental, and hear The Army Of Broken Toys perform) In short, it felt like home. (and a really good party, mixed together) Sadly, we’re in England this year and will only be able to be there in spirit.

So, when Erin Tierneigh (very good friend and one of the geniuses who run the SPWF) asked me to do some art for the World’s Fair posters this year, i said yes without hesitation.

I’m showing this piece in stages so that you’ll have some insight into my working process. The original was done in pencil on 11×17 inch bristol board. (seen at top) Scanned and the first layers of tone and texture were dropped in to separate foreground from background and give me some idea of how the values were going to work. (second image down)

The imagery is a steampunk re imagining of bits of At The Mountains Of Madness with a touch of Innsmouth (and a gas lit hand of glory.

I’ll post another progress shot and the finished piece in the next day or so. Hope you like!


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4 Responses to Work in progress- art for Steampunk World’s Fair.

  1. Erin says:

    i cannot express how much i love tom brown! 😀 and this poster! one of the staffers just said “………. i need to buy this!”

    i hope we can have you guys some future SPWF when you are visiting stateside! it wont be the same without you. oh, please have C. get in touch with us about volunteering so he can get in! if he plans to attend.

  2. Steve Broome says:

    Great rendering, love it.

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