Coming back (or nose lifting slightly from grindstone)


Hello people! (and others)

I have been long away, and now am back. (so I greet you with a demon cook, naturally) Over the last year, I have been mostly working (on art) seven days a week, and have scarcely had time to ponder, never mind order my thoughts to the degree required for a blog. “What have I been working on?” I hear you ask. (or, pretend to hear you ask, for the purposes of moving this forward. You may saying something else entirely) Oh, only a TWO HUNDRED PAGE EPIC GRAPIC NOVEL is all. Several years ago, my friend Tom Sniegoski  started talking with me about the possibility of working on a graphic novel project together. I did some sample pages and concept and character art and then he pitched it and we waited. We got really good at the waiting part, so we kept that going for a year or so. Tom then pitched to InkLit (The literary graphic novel arm of Penguin US) and it took. When the contract arrived, I was thrilled and terrified in equal parts. I have only done the art for creator owned projects (Such as Hopeless, Maine) and smaller publishers before. This was for PENGUIN and with a NY times best selling author. (Tom is a friend a lovely human being, but still, he IS a NY times best seller and swims in literary waters I had not so much as put a toe into) So, long story short. The art for this project is now done and I have learned absolute tons while doing it. (Mr Sniegoski knows much about the art of sequential storytelling.)  I also did…very little else. Nimue (My beloved and partner in crime) helped keep me sane (ish) and made sure I left the flat occasionally.  I am now free to walk these hills (Stroud-UK. Think Hobbiton only with art supply shops) and explore and spend more time with Nimue. (this last, being my favourite thing in the whole world)


Now, we get to the demon cook at last. The art for the graphic novel had to be kept from public eyes. ( I took dire oaths) So here, is the first piece of art I have done in a long time that I am free to share. Ironically, I can not yet tell you much about the context just yet. I will say though, that is for a project coming soon from Nerdbong. I can also say, that it is written by Nimue Brown, and based on something I started many years ago.


I do hope this finds you all well, inspired and thriving.

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