Peffa oidy witches

Have you ever read a book and immediately wanted to run out and buy a copy for everyone you know? We just did. (Twice) The first of these was called Matlock Hare and the Riddle of Trefflepugga path, and the second, Matlock Hare and the Riddle of the Trillain Wand. (you, dear reader, astute as you are, have no doubt noticed a theme. These are indeed the first two books from a trilogy) These books concern the doings of a magical Hare, and many other strange and charming creatures besides. What makes these books exceptional, is the wild imagination, utter unpredictability,and keen insights into the workings of the world beyond the Dales where strange creatures value the strangest things (that would be…us) The pace is relentless, and the world building is lush and wildly inventive. The painted illustrations are some of the best and most original things I have ever seen. I am, in short, a *big* fan. (both Nimue and I are) This Is clearly a labour of love, and if these books do not become classics, I will be very surprised. (They certainly should do!)

The creators are Jacqui and Phil Lovesey. You can learn more about them, here.

Nimue has already done a far better job than I can possibly do reviewing the first book, here.

There is a language, in the books, which the hares and other dale-dwellers speak. I warn you, it is infectious. It has been increasingly common for us to describe good things as crumlush, for instance. One phrase, “peffa oidy witches” (Translation- very small witches) we are helpless to resist, and just say it out loud to each each other from time to time. Because, it has so charmed Nimue. and because I am a fan, I have made a fan art (It’s that thing at the top there) I fully expect to meet more Matlock (and Ursulla) fans out there. Your first step on the path, is here.

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