Fast Food at the Centre of the World.

To those who have been following my blog for a while, this chap may look familiar. I may now provide a proper introduction. His name is Gary, and he is an incomparable pastry chef (and, well, it must be said, also a demon.)

Please do me a favour (actually, you will be doing yourself a favour at the same time, come to that) and go here, and listen to this. No, really. Don’t worry. I’ll be right here when you get back, I promise. In this way, two things will have been achieved. One- you will have some idea what I’m talking about, and for the two- you will have enabled me to turn my usual blog structure (which is to say, provide you with back story and then point you at a thing) on it’s head. I have pointed you at a thing *first* and will now provide back story! This is innovation, right here! I’m very pleased with myself. Thank you for your cooperation. (unless you are reading this without having listened, in which case please imagine me looking over the tops of my glasses at you)

Now, come with me, back into time..(if you are seeing a Pterodactyl you have gone much too far, come on back a bit)  I was still living in the US and had recently (virtually) met my future wife and partner in crime , Nimue. I was working on a sort of serial anthology which included New England Gothic (now Hopeless, Maine), Fast Food at the Center (I spelled it like that because I was still in the US) of the World, and another story which I may tell you about one day, but may also, not.  As soon as I read Nimue’s work, I knew this was the writer I wanted to work with (My son Cormac realised a lot of other things, because he was wise beyond his years, and was therefore unsurprised when I told him I was in love with Nimue and was going to marry her, a lot) Nimue and I started working on Hopeless, Maine as a graphic novel series first, and Fast Food at the Centre of the World became a novel (Partly because she can write much faster than I can draw) She took my premise and turned it into something deep, wild, funny and amazing. You have just listened to the first bit. There will be more bits, (twenty some odd, I think) and you will be utterly hooked. This will bother you sometimes, because there are cliffhangers. (one of them even got to me, and I *know* how it ends!)

This has come to you because we have Met Simon La Thangue. and decided to throw our creative lot in with him and the Nerbong family. (which includes a cat named Bilbo) Nimue recorded all of the episodes over the winter and sent them to Simon and he and his crew worked their engineering magic on it and (speaking of family) the music you hear is composed and performed by my son, Cormac Brown, (who I mentioned in a prior paragraph.) Cormac is frighteningly talented, can play nearly any instrument in the world, and is an outstanding human being. You can listen to more of his music here.

So, welcome to the Centre of the World (which you probably did not expect would turn out to be Cinderford) Many strange, alarming and wonderful things will now come to pass. We are glad to have you with us.




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6 Responses to Fast Food at the Centre of the World.

    • gothicmangaka says:

      You *did* listen to it first…yes?

    • Nimue Brown says:

      In this story, it is a city, somewhere else. We needed a name, and for reasons of history, this was it. Back on the boat, at some mooring spots there were few signs of human civilization, but we could see lights on the hills of the Forest of Dean. We weren’t sure where we were seeing. It became ‘Possibly Cinderford’ and we said goodnight to it on many a dark wintery night.

  1. amkuska says:

    This looks so cool!! I can’t wait to listen. 😀

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