Two Gentlemen by the name of Dunsany

More from Nimue on Fast Food at the Centre of the World, a bit of our history, and an art by me.

Druid Life

It would be fair to say that Lord Dunsany, aka Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany,  is one of my favourite authors, and his ‘The King of Elfland’s Daughter’ haunts me in the best possible way. I came to Dunsany in no small part through Tom, who read me short stories by skype when I was ill and there was an ocean between us. It turned out I had ‘The Charwoman’s Shadow’ read to me as a child but had not remembered the author. Or, to be honest, much of the story.

Tom had already named his central character for Fast Food ‘Dunsany’. He has a first name, and it isn’t any of the above ones, although people who have been paying silly amounts of attention will have spotted Horatio Plunkett in Letters Between Gentlemen mentions the Drax Plunkett line.

I love Dunsany the author because…

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