Fast Food Politics

Nimue on some of the underlying themes in Fast Food at the Centre of the World.

Druid Life

Back when I started writing the novel version of Fast Food at the Centre of the World, food banks were not on most people’s minds. We were well underway with the current obesity epidemic, but at the same time, it wasn’t at the level it is now. Monsanto were busily trying to take control of the world’s seeds, but again, things have escalated over recent years. The increasing threat of climate change, and the shocking degree of both hunger and food waste in the world make food an intensely political subject.

Food is also about our connection with nature. Young people today are growing up indoors, factory farmed by an increasingly pressured educational system and then distracted with small electrical boxes. They don’t get out much, they don’t play, they eat edible food-like substances and too many of them bloat. How many modern children will eat berries from a…

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