The Raven’s Child

RC and Throng

Do you, dear reader, like monsters?

If you have answered, “No.” you may have arrived at this blog by mistake. It may have been the steampunk pudding that is responsible. You, in all innocence, typed “Pudding” and  now, here you are. It’s not too late to hit the “back” button. How, do you feel then, about things that go bump in the night? (or, even at dusk) What are your thoughts on troubled heroes who carry on (and sometimes win) despite impossible odds? If I were to describe something as “strange”, would you become more interested, or take an involuntary step away? If you are still with me, let’s try this-

“A mesmerizing dark world filled with monsters, where humanity’s only hope lies in the bravery of one woman…

When the Throng came, the human race never stood a chance. The monsters were simply too strong, too numerous. It only took a few months for them to take over and leave the few poor souls who survived cowering in terror for years to come.

But even the monsters fear something: the dark goddess known as the Raven’s Child. Legend says that she alone is destined to destroy the Throng and free those under their cruel power.

And whoever wields her name and image could become the bane of the Throng and an inspiration to humankind – even if she were only a young woman, like Carissa Devin, who has vowed to reclaim the world for the human race, no matter what the cost…”

…and if were to mention that there is a trace of steampunk? (my fault, entirely) and a strangely attractive shadowed post apocalyptic city? (rendered in great detail) How are we doing so far? I can throw in some moments of touching humanity and surprising offbeat humour if you like.

What I have been attempting to interest you in (assuming you have answered those questions in a certain way, and are not still hunting for that pudding recipe) is an epic graphic novel written by Thomas Sniegoski. (actually, if you have answered “yes” to these questions you will love everything he has written. I especially recommend his Remy Chandler series) I spent most of last year lavishing great care (and tentacles) on the art for this project- two hundred pages of it, in all! It is being released August fourth in the US and August sixth in the UK from InkLit (Penguin- Random House) and it is called The Raven’s Child. If  you are interested, you could pre-order it now (It is my understanding that this sort of thing has a positive impact on the future success of a book) Or order it from your favourite indy book or comics shop.

The image at the top there is a composite of two of the first two drawings I did for Mr. Sniegoski in the early days of the project. I am pleased to say, that many of the odd things I came up with back then have found their way into the story.

I hope (as always) this finds you well, inspired, and thriving.

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