Of Salamandra and Sloth

What more, dear reader, should I say? Probably very little, but that has never stopped me before. Our search for a new home for Salamandra and the other denizens of Hopeless, Maine has come to a happy conclusion, and I am both pleased and proud to announce that henceforth  their adventures (misadventures, perils, etc. ) will be under the banner of the Sloth! “What (I hear you ask) are you going on about,and what Sloth is this? Also, why does it have a banner? Additionally, what does it eat, and can I comb it?”  Well, to start with, no. You can not comb it, I am very sorry to say. Sloth is a fine comics publisher. Also an innovative and exceedingly cool one. Here, take a look. See? Told you! I very much like the diversity of themes and styles they carry. (Remember! Comics is a medium, *not* a genre.) Their production values are excellent, and (this is hugely important to us) they are lovely to deal with. You will have to wait a while to find Hopeless, Maine editions from Sloth because of normal scheduling issues (and we just recently pounced on them and demanded they publish us) but the webcomic will continue in the meantime, and you can explore their catalog. My first recommendation would be Penny Blackfeather.  “Penelope Blake is an atypical young woman who would rather search for ghosts in a haunted house than try to find her prince charming at a ball. Desperately trying to escape her dull suitors and encouraged by the sarcastic ghost of her late pirate grandfather, Nathaniel Blackdeather, Penny is on the constant lookout for adventure!” This is a sly, clever, romp of a book. The art is lovely and the use (and withholding) of colour is used in a fiendishly clever sort of way. Sal and Penny would get along rather well I expect!

For us, this is just a really happy-making thing. Hopeless, Maine is, and has been from the beginning, a labour of love (dark and twisted love sometimes..) and we are exceedingly glad to have found the right place to be, and people to work with. Onwards!!


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2 Responses to Of Salamandra and Sloth

  1. Sheila North says:

    Huzzah for Sal & pals! Love a happy ending.

  2. Nimue Brown says:

    Reblogged this on Druid Life and commented:

    One of the many projects I have on the go, is a long standing graphic novel series, Hopeless Maine, for which my husband, Tom does the art. It’s had a complicated life, but good things are happening. More on his blog…

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