Making art for When We are Vanished.

Here is one of my favourite things I have done in some considerable time. Here it is in pencil. (on a toned background)

When we are vanished pencilsAnd, here is the finished piece. (I’ll save the version with the title on it for closer to release date)

When we are vanishedThis is the cover art for When We Are Vanished, a new book by my wife and partner in crime, Nimue Brown. If you have been following this blog at all, you will already know that I am an ardent fan of her work, and have been since first reading her writing. ( Nearly a decade before we met in person!) I was lucky enough to have this book read aloud to me as it progressed, and it is haunting , numinous , dreamlike and fiendishly clever. Think somewhere between DeLint and Atwood in terms of tone and subject matter. You will be hearing a lot more about it before too long. When Nimue described the scene she wanted for the cover, I was thrilled. This is exactly where I am happiest or, perhaps most gladly challenged. No, that’s not quite it either. More, that this is the sort of thing that I most want to try to make visible and depict. It’s not too terribly much like what what was in my head before I started, but there is no surprise there. Sometimes my hands have ideas of their own, and it’s best not to fight that too much. I love depicting the uncanny, the not quite this, and not quite not-either. Things that can (if i get it right) evoke a complicated response. Plus, an opportunity to draw teasels and wild roses. They are not in the story, but I managed to convince Nimue that they were implied. (and wild roses are a nod to Lord Dunsany, so that was not a hard sell)

When we are Vanished will be coming out soon from Snowbooks, who we have a wonderful relationship with and hope to work with for many years to come.

I hope (as always) this finds you well, inspired, and thriving.







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  1. Nimue Brown says:

    Reblogged this on Druid Life and commented:

    Book covers are always exciting moments, a confirmation that the book is really finished, really happening.

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