Illustrator of unwritten books

Hello again! It’s funny how this works out. When I have time to blog, I don’t have much new art to show you and when I’m too busy to blog, the new art stacks up a bit. I hope you have all been embarrassingly well in the meantime!

I seem to have  developed a specialty in illustrating as-yet unwritten books.   Not something I set out to do at all, but The Raven’s Child which I drew for  Tom Sniegoski last year was only an outline and ten or so pages of script when I started on it. He was writing the most recent Remy Chandler book (A Deafening Silence in Heaven) at the same time. After I finished the art for that, I got a message from Steven Savile (who I have also wanted to work with for quite some time) asking if I’d like to do a book with him. This is how he pitched it to me, “On the last night of our lives, we all have the same dream.” As you might have guessed, that was me sold! Then came the time to start illustrating. (schedules and such, you know) I got a description of the cover, and then more scenes started coming in to draw. The concepts are wild and strange and very much the sort of thing I most enjoy drawing. (and also some challenges ) When it is all done it will be a thing of dark beauty- an illustrated fable about death. The title is The Kingdom of Rain. I think you are all going to love it, but, once again, it is (as yet) unwritten.This, apparently is what happens when you work with authors who are at the top of their game and are much in demand.   There will be twenty pieces of art in all, plus the cover. I’ll share a few of them here so you can have a taste of what this will be like. When we have the details on when and where you can get it, I will be shouting from the rooftops!

The life of a freelance illustrator is never dull. I get to work with some unspeakably cool people and in ways I would have not been able to imagine when I was first starting out.

I do hope, this finds you all well, inspired and thriving.

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2 Responses to Illustrator of unwritten books

  1. Nimue Brown says:

    Reblogged this on Druid Life and commented:

    Things my lovely chap has been up to – in addition to being in this quarter’s Pagan Dawn! Which was very cool indeed…

  2. Christopher Blackwell says:

    Yes can see why this type of art would be fun to do. Lots of room for use of imagination.

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