Salamandra, in troubled times.

Hello again people (and others)

This has been a tough week to be paying attention to the world. It’s difficult, in times like this, to say anything that is either not nearly potent or wise enough or just…off topic. I am reminded  of the words of one of the great sages of our time, Neil Gaiman, and they come to my aid. (as they often do) He said ” when things get tough, this is what you should do. Make good art.” Now, he was referring to those times when things are *personally* difficult. I think though, if you are like me you are effected, maybe even very much effected by the trials and  pain of our fellow people, it becomes personal. So, though I have no great words of wisdom, or even comfort, I continue to make art (whether or not it is good is not for me to say) and share it. This means that I am a bit of a one trick pony, but this is a trick I have been practicing pretty much all of my life. If you’d like the transcript of Mr Gaiman’s talk, it can be found here-

These pieces that I’m sharing with this post are actually things that I drew some considerable time ago (when I was differently troubled) and they are for our Hopeless, Maine story, which is a labour of love by my wife and partner in crime and myself. I’m recolouring a lot of this art because of reasons that I’ll get into at a later date. The first one was done when I was sad and angry and very much wanted to prove something. The second one …has another story. I think i’ll save that for later too.

At any rate, here they are, and I do hope you enjoy.


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4 Responses to Salamandra, in troubled times.

  1. StarTwo says:

    The pieces are very engaging, specially the first one!

  2. sylvien24 says:

    Accessing imagination is an act of hope.

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