A few Of My Favourite Steampunks

In which Professor Elemental says kind things about Nimue, myself and others…

Airship Ambassador

By Professor Elemental

steampunk_hands_ Araceli_Rodríguez

STEAMPUNK! Why is it? Should it cover that? Does it represent them? Why not? Should you even like it? Doe any of it make sense? Really? Are you sure?

All worthwhile questions, none of which will be answered in the following article. This isn’t one of those quasi- academic articles on ‘Cultural appropriation and historical fact: why liking Steampunk is probably racist and you are probably racist for liking it’. Nor is it any kind of attempt to analyse, categorise or evaluate Steampunk. Sorry. You’ll have to head elsewhere for things like that.

This is a celebration, pure and simple. My favourite things in Steampunk are the people that make it up. And these folk do a very good job of making up some very wonderful things indeed. It’s unashamedly a list people I like, or consider to be friends or both. Each and every one of…

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