Original pages from Hopeless, Maine or The Raven’s Child

Hello people (and others)
I’ve got fifty mailing tubes and *lots* of comics pages from Hopeless, Maine and The Raven’s Child.
You…probably already have a mailing tube, but you may *not* have any original comics pages from perviously mentioned comics. Just perhaps, we can come to some sort of arrangement.

This is what I propose, you send me a mere 25 of your English pounds (this is pretty low cost for originals, mind you) and let me know whether you would like a page from the Raven’s Child or Hopeless, Maine and I…send it to you, in a lovely shiny mailing tube (did I mention that i have a *lot* of them?) If you want two pages, I will loving pack a print into the tube as well and charge you a mere £45.

Pages are pencil on bristol (With the exception of pages from Inheritance which also have watercolour)

An example of a page from The Raven’s Child (featuring a goat headed person in disguise) is appended.

Should you be interested just comment here and we can take it from there. If you live outside of the UK, we will have to figure out how much the shipping is and tag on a bit for that. Paypal, we have it.

I hope this finds you well, inspired, and thriving,



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