‘Saztaculous Matlock Folk’…

Warning- also contains Nimue and myself

Niff Soup

“Yes,” a slightly too smug writer explained to me the other day as I tried to escape his lengthy lecture on self-promotion, “but do you have any fans of your work?”

“Fans? No,” I replied. “We have ‘Saztaculous Matlock Folk’.”

Clearly confused and assuming me to be a lunatic, he hesitated, frowned slightly and thankfully wandered off to find another unwilling pair of ears to inflict his unwanted procrastinations upon. Victory for the Saztaculous Matlock Folk in that one small encounter… I silently thanked them all, as I do every day, this small but growing army of truly crumlush folk that constantly surprise Jacqui and I with  their enthusiasm, generosity, talent and ‘willingness to believe’. And excellent, ‘unclassifiable’ bunch of folk from all walks of life, all quarters of the globe, who find some kind of kinship with a green-robed majickal-hare from Winchett Dale. And books. Most peffa-definitely books! As…

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