It’s a dog eat dog world


Hello again people (and others) It’s been a while, for which I apologise.

I’m going to depart, a bit, from my usual subject matter here, or perhaps, talk about art and our work as a way to point to something else, and larger. It’s a commonly held belief that it is a dog eat dog world out there and you have to look out for number one and be ruthlessly competitive in order to survive and succeed. My belief is that this is only true if we participate in this way. Look at the saying, ‘it’s a jungle out there’, for instance. A jungle is a complex web of visible and microscopic interdependence. In that way, it really is a jungle out there, any why should it be otherwise? We’re hardly outside of nature.

Right. This is all a bit philosophical and ungrounded so far, so let me just talk about my experience in the book-comics-publishing industry, and how this has led to other things. Every single thing that has worked out well for Nimue and myself, has been a direct result of friendships and cooperation. I had a short silly period of being a bit desperate and thinking about the money (and myself) first and very nearly harmed (possibly irreparably) one of the friendships and working relationships I’m most proud of. (I still cringe when remembering this) We left a publisher who was driven by sales numbers and competitive strategy (at the top, at least) for one with whom we have a genuine respect and friendship. The creators here talk about each others work on social media and so we cooperatively get our work in front of people. All of the win, right there. (also-more fun!)

Another story- Quite a few years ago, we met (online) the people who make the web-series, Ragged Isle (Don’t worry I’ll link to it in an impending post, because I’m back now, really. We’ve got a lot to talk about in the next few months) We had a mutual admiration as creators and supported and encouraged each other for years. Also I have a friend from Portland Maine (Who owns and runs the Green Hand bookstore there now) Well, Barry, who is the director of Ragged Isle sent me an email out of the blue (ish that’s another story) asking if the rights to Hopeless, Maine were still available for film and stuff. As it happens, for him, they are, and it’s happening and Michelle from The Green Hand is also on the team, and many other people that we love and have wanted to work with for years. This is heaven, in creative terms. Will it be bigger than Batman? No. At least, i’d be shocked, and we are not competing with anything or anyone. We are just focussed on making good things, and making good things happen for the people that we care about (which is many, and also a lot)

I could go on providing examples but you would get bored and stop reading (understandably) Just, please, if you have bought into the either/or,us or them mentality, consider the idea that it might be a dog brings a bone to another dog sort of world. (PS. Nimue points out that dogs don’t actually tend to eat each other very often)

Hoping (as always) this finds you well, inspired and thriving.



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2 Responses to It’s a dog eat dog world

  1. niffsoup says:

    Oh, hell, let’s MAKE it bigger than Batman!!!!!!

  2. Nimue Brown says:

    Reblogged this on Druid Life and commented:

    Tom and I have a life built on co-operation – with each other, with other creative people and fellow travelers of all kinds. Things work better when people work together rather than competing with each other. We’re talking about what we do in the hopes of encouraging other people to step away from competitive ideas and towards something that we can promise, is a lot more fun!

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