Hope against hate


Another blog so soon, Tom?

It’s a short one. Mostly a link. There has been a movement among kids literature creators to depict characters with a safety pin to help kids feel less alone in a world that may seem to have taken a lurch to the vile and mean side. Well, Salamandra is on the side of diversity, most assuredly and has a history of interfering with bullying of several sorts. So this is for the young people and the less young people who are encouraged by it.

Adults- it’s our job to make sure that the young people not only feel safe, but actually *are* safe. And that’s young people from everywhere. So for their sake, and ours, please do not support the people who only want the world to work for some people. Use your vote, your voice and your presence when that’s the right thing to do. History is trying to repeat itself, we don’t have to let it. Hello to your young people, from us.

Here is a link to a downloadable – printable version of the image. We encourage you to make as many prints, as you like, for anyone you like. Put it on a mug or…whatever you like. It’s for all of you to do with as you like.

I hope this finds you well and safe.


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2 Responses to Hope against hate

  1. Thanks, this makes me more hopeful.

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