Explaining ‘democracy’ to a majickal-hare…

This is rather pertinent! (with bonus lovely art)

Niff Soup


“You look,” Matlock griffled, as we waited for appearance of the ‘supermoon’ in his small cottage garden last week,”an oidy bit distracted.”

“It’s been a strange time recently out in ‘the Great Beyond’,” I replied, shivering slightly in the cold even’up air. “We’ve had lots of votes on things and it’s set people against one another.”


I nodded, realising the term was completely new, and some basic explanation to my long-haired majickal friend was necessary.  “It’s when we want to change things. We’re given a choice we have decide with a vote.  They’re counted, and the most wins.  It’s called ‘democracy’.”

Matlock’s lower jaw slowly moved as if chewing on something. “Democracy?”

“It helps us choose. That way, everyone’s involved.”

“Everyone?” he asked.

“Well, apart from those who can’t vote, or who don’t, or are too young.”

“Even if the choice affects them?” Matlock asked, frowning slightly in the…

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