We are sick to death of bullshit, mediocrity and the omnipresent influence of market forces.


What we crave, and are dedicated to, is The Good Stuff that comes from the heart. The Good Stuff is made from love, with soul, it inspires, empowers, makes better. The Good Stuff can make us laugh, free us to cry, get us dancing, weaving, doing. It changes people and enriches life. The Good Stuff is not the exclusive property of any company, religion, philosophy or political party. Identifying as being part of the Copperage, is all about living well and leaving the world better than we found it. This is an assertion for dreamers and idealists, and for people who have had the hope kicked out of them, and the naivety stripped from them, and are willing to have another go anyway.


*We believe that power and resources should be widely distributed, not held by a tiny minority. Enlightened self interest is good.

*We are driven by passion, ideals and beliefs to do things we see as inherently worthwhile, and we do these things because we must.

*We will support, nurture, encourage, praise and otherwise promote The Good Stuff, wherever and whenever we can.

*We consider compassion, humanity and sustainability to be more important than acquiring material wealth far in excess of personal need.

*We celebrate creativity. We do not celebrate banality and conformity. We do not want to be told what to like, how to feel, or what to think. Excepting cases of bullshit, our inclinations are towards tolerance. If no one is being hurt by an activity, people should be free to get on with it. We recognise ‘soul destroying’ as a very significant manifestation of ‘hurt’.



If you know yourself to be part of The Good Stuff, sign up. Tag what you do with ‘copperage’, share what you do, copy this declaration and put it somewhere. Use the logos, or make your own. Make good stuff happen, and look out for others who are doing this too. Signing up means not only are you living this, but that you are willing to help others who are doing it, where you can.


Welcome to the copperage.

Join us on facebook.!/groups/332513703488532/


2 Responses to Copperage

  1. Tez Leaver says:

    A slightly vague mission statement but I do like the notion

    • Nimue Brown says:

      Partly wanting to give space for people to do what they want with it – I have a deep aversion to dogma, trying to capture something broad and losse, but, I think it’s a work in progress, this is just a jumping off point and I’m sure people who like it will go on to reinvent it, and come up with more focused, more personal versions. In fact, I’m very much hoping for a bit of that along the way!

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