Morning Cuppa: Letters Between Gentlemen

Utterly splendid review of Letters Between Gentlemen!

The Curious Adventures Of Messrs Smith And Skarry

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Max and Collin’s zealously zabutonous parlour located within the splendidly scenic city of Lancaster!

Today you find us shamefacedly apologetic that we were not at home last Tuesday; the Great Lancastrian Frying Pan Race was afoot and our vile and persistent landlord threw us out before dawn threatening to feed us to his tuffs if we didn’t sell enough lemonade to make last months rent… well all I can say is February is a tightfisted month that slinks by far too quickly without giving a gentleman time to amass the means to pay his dues.

If you are unaware, The Great Lancastrian Frying Pan Race takes place annually to herald in the gruelling period of fasting and general abstinence from anything fun which Wizards tell us is essential to commemorate Wiz’s final capture and defeat of The Holy Child before he turned him…

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Opium Dreams.


I have never experienced opium dreams, but I have read the exquisite writing of Wilum Pugmyr and I expect that is close enough. (Without the harmful side effects)

I was approached, last year by Centipede press and asked if I would like to illustrate a volume of short fiction by Mr Pugmyr and as the schedule allowed, I jumped on it. This is exactly the sort of writing that brought me into weird fiction in my youth. I would go so far as to say, that Wilum Pugmyr is one of my all time favourite authors in the genre. I was to do ten illustrations for nine stories (Unknown Gulf of Night is longer, so it gets two pieces)

This job has been an absolute (dark) joy for me, and really hardly qualifies as work at all. The image above is the last finished drawing (finished art will be toned and monochrome) for the project and illustrates his tale Unknown Gulf of Night. I will be shrieking and gibbering from the rooftops when the book comes out in May.

Hoping (as always) this finds you well, inspired and thriving.

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Soup Of The Day: With Nimue and Tom Brown

We are in the soup of the day! (with tentacles)

The Curious Adventures Of Messrs Smith And Skarry

Hello! Mrs Albert Baker here, otherwise known as The Last Witch Of Pendle. Obviously there is no Pendle any more, since The Chronic Agronauts utterly destroyed it with treacle and sprats, but I’ve set myself up quite nicely here in Lancaster, running this little soup kitchen for the street urchins. There certainly are a lot of them and I’m always looking for helping hands to cook up and serve something delicious!

My guests this morning are our good friends Nimue and Tom Brown who have sailed in on a strange tide from their mysterious gothic island of Hopeless, Maine . Welcome to Lancaster Nimue and Tom, thank you so much for coming to help me in my soup kitchen today! Tell me, have you brought along some soup to share with us?

We have brought some soup, but it’s probably awful. It’s the traditional Hopeless Maine dish – Bottom of…

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A most Hopeless diet

The great Hopeless, Maine creature blog tour! (with added recipes…)

Druid Life

When I’m dealing with fantastical settings, I like to know how the practical details work. I think it’s getting the little, mundane things right that is key to making big, strange, magical things feel plausible. I experience this as a reader as well as when writing. I want to know where you go to take a shit, what people are wearing in terms of materials, how they keep warm, or cool, and what they eat.

Hopeless Maine is a lost island. It used to be more connected, and resources used to head its way, but these days, new materials either come from natural resources or wash in from shipwrecks. Recycling is a must. The Hopeless Maine diet is not for the squeamish. Food is in short supply, and you have to be willing to eat anything passably edible that comes along. This is why ‘bottom of the garden stew’ is…

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The Blind Fisherman sees the light of day.

This *may* not be as profound as the title suggests, but it has nice pictures, so stay with me dear reader, just for a while.


Hello again people (and others).

As some of you may know, some of Hopeless, Maine has been published before, but *this* time it is being published entire. That means, with the (rather important) prelude-The Blind Fisherman. We’re dead chuffed about that, and about our new publisher, Sloth Comics.

When Nimue and I started this story many years ago, we started in what is now, the middle-ish bit (but closer to the beginning) . Salamandra was already a young adult and looked like this.


Nimue wrote the script for the whole story, all the way to the end. Yes. This story does have a definite end. (Probably) Then, I was invited to be a guest at an anime con in Portland, Maine and I saw the power of the cute, and dear reader, I was moved. (also-hooked) So… as Nimue and I were on opposite sides of the Atlantic at this point, I sent her a message. Could we just… (ask her, if you ever meet her, how much trouble she has gotten into from people asking her, “can you just…?”) Could we, I asked, just have a story that comes before the main story about Sal as a young girl? (I was picturing *big* eyes, naturally) People would fall in love with her, I thought. Nimue said she would write it, so, orderly sort of chap that I am, I drew the cover and sent it to her. (Carts-horses, I’m not very good at the proper order of things) Nimue wrote the story (now called Personal Demons) and included the savaged teddy bear and key I had shown on the cover. (which is not the cover of the published version. I think I drew four different covers for PD. I had more time on my hands back then, apparently) Are you still with me? Good. So, while waiting for a publisher, I had another idea. Something that would have happened before Personal Demons. It was about a blind fisherman, and…things I can’t say without spoiling it for you. I drew it-ten pages of sequential art with no word balloons at all. I sent it to Nimue and she wrote (bloody gorgeous) poetic accompaniment which added layers to the story the illustrations show. The Blind Fisherman, created impulsively and just because we wanted to, is one of my favourite bits of the tale, and now it is part of the whole. Sloth has collected books one and two (Personal Demons and Inheritance) and put the Blind Fisherman at the beginning, where it belongs. The new volume is called The Gathering. Sloth will be publishing the whole series, to the very end. (Probably four or five more volumes. Book two will be out in 2017) You would think we had gone backwards story-wise as far as possible (or reasonable) but, no. We thought it would be good to have illustrated prose that would compliment the comics, so, Nimue wrote New England Gothic, which happens before the events in The Blind Fisherman. Still with me? I’m impressed! New England Gothic is a bit more than one quarter illustrated and will also be coming out from Sloth, in 2017 (all being well)

I hope (as always) this finds you well, inspired and thriving.



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Hopeless, Maine-The Gathering


Hello people! (and others)

This is a big week for us. The new Hopeless, Maine omnibus is being released from Sloth Comics!  It will contain books one and two of the original series plus (in print for the first time) The Blind Fisherman, which is a prelude to the story (and actually pretty important)

If you have been following this blog at all, you will know that this story is a labour of love for Nimue and I and had a role in our becoming a couple and a creative team. It is (on the surface) about magic and strangeness and tentacles on an island, off the coast of Maine, which has been cut off from the rest of the world, beneath that though, it is about how people respond to the little evils. (whether by apathy, cooperation or resistance) It is the story I most want to tell. The prior version was singled out as one of the great books for teens by the American Library Association (Which was a pleasant sort of shock!)

Here are some nice things that people have said about it.

“It’s a curio, some dark gothic dream bottled and painted in shades of night.”
Mark Lawrence Author of the Broken Empire Trilogy and The Red Queen’s War series

“Tom Brown’s artwork is truly unique . . . a strange mixture of manga, and gothic horror . . . a mixture that I would never imagine working , but it does! Hopeless, Maine is something to behold. Nimue and Tom Brown have created something special here, and I think it’s about time for the world to discover Hopeless, Maine. ”

Thomas Sniegoski NY Times best selling author of The Fallen
“There is beauty between these pages. Haunting imagery incredibly depicted by Tom Brown. Words like genius are bandied about too much in the modern world, but with his brushes Brown takes images directly from a writer’s mind and breathes life into them. Who better then to draw out the maudlin grace of Nimue Brown’s world than him? Together they have created a well-named island with a nightmare landscape that travellers like me simply have to return to over and over, noticing some fresh wonder on every visit. Hopeless Maine gets under your skin. It is like an addiction. You just have to go back once more, just one more time, sure that you can handle even the most terrifying glimpse of reality it has to offer. Sometimes you are wrong. Sometimes you just can’t, but that’s okay because the Browns can. They live it so that we might savour it in the safety of our armchair. Hopeless Maine is calling to me once more. I must leave you now…”
I hope (as always) this finds you well, inspired and thriving.


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Explaining ‘democracy’ to a majickal-hare…

This is rather pertinent! (with bonus lovely art)

Niff Soup


“You look,” Matlock griffled, as we waited for appearance of the ‘supermoon’ in his small cottage garden last week,”an oidy bit distracted.”

“It’s been a strange time recently out in ‘the Great Beyond’,” I replied, shivering slightly in the cold even’up air. “We’ve had lots of votes on things and it’s set people against one another.”


I nodded, realising the term was completely new, and some basic explanation to my long-haired majickal friend was necessary.  “It’s when we want to change things. We’re given a choice we have decide with a vote.  They’re counted, and the most wins.  It’s called ‘democracy’.”

Matlock’s lower jaw slowly moved as if chewing on something. “Democracy?”

“It helps us choose. That way, everyone’s involved.”

“Everyone?” he asked.

“Well, apart from those who can’t vote, or who don’t, or are too young.”

“Even if the choice affects them?” Matlock asked, frowning slightly in the…

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