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Opium Dreams.

I have never experienced opium dreams, but I have read the exquisite writing of Wilum Pugmyr and I expect that is close enough. (Without the harmful side effects) I was approached, last year by Centipede press and asked if I would like … Continue reading

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Illustrator of unwritten books

Hello again! It’s funny how this works out. When I have time to blog, I don’t have much new art to show you and when I’m too busy to blog, the new art stacks up a bit. I hope you have … Continue reading

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Making art for When We are Vanished.

Here is one of my favourite things I have done in some considerable time. Here it is in pencil. (on a toned background) And, here is the finished piece. (I’ll save the version with the title on it for closer to … Continue reading

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Seize the carp!

Who is a lucky illustrator then? It’s me. I’m the one! I’m a lucky illustrator. I’m in the enviable position at the moment of being able to pick my jobs based on work that I find/fun/interesting/worthwhile. This brings us naturally … Continue reading

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Warren Ellis liked it.

No. Really. He did. He said this – “This is simply a wonderful thing: a marvellous idea, executed with great charm and style.” This pleased us greatly because his first response to something of ours was…considerably less flattering and contained (you will … Continue reading

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Steampunk World’s Fair poster with text

Thought i’d conclude the series of posts i started here and continued here with the finished poster just so you have some idea of the amazingness that the Steampunk World’s fair will be this year. If you can attend, this … Continue reading

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Work in progress (Poster art for Steampunk World’s Fair) complete

In my previous post i showed the pencil and early toned stages of this illustration and raved (with utmost sincerity) about last year’s Steampunk World’s Fair. Here is another intermediary step (top) and the finished art. The top image shows … Continue reading

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