Commissioning Tom Brown

Tom brown was raised by books in much the same way that Tarzan was raised by apes but with much less dramatic results. He got his first professional illustration gig when he was thirteen and has been working in the field since then. (Taking time out for meals and such) He is also half of the primary creative team responsible for Hopeless, Maine.

CV includes work for Penguin/Random House, Chaosium, Archaia, Hippocampus Press, Centipede Press, Gallant Knight Games and work with individual authors, musicians and creatives. If you would like to commission him for Book cover, CD/Album cover, promotional art, Comics covers/Alternate covers, art for your kickstarter campaign, tattoo design or personal commission, please email him at Hopelessmaine (Removing the space) Or use this contact form.

Examples below. Book Covers-


Hopeless, Maine

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