Commissioning Tom

Some do and do not guidelines if you would like to hire Mr Brown for the purposes of art, or events related to art. (If you wanted to hire him for something else, stop now. Unless you have silly amounts of money, in which case, carry on, we’re open to suggestions…)


Do: Ask about book covers, album covers, tattoo designs, posters, pinups, and other arty things.

Do: Expect to be paying money for this. Or alternatively, payment in food, coffee, alcohol considered, as this negates the need for money somewhat. If you are going to offer a profit share, be able to explain how that is going to work. We’re open to suggestions, especially if you have a fine idea and a good track record.

Do: Enquire about work freely given for a good cause. If the cause is really good and the work is not really time consuming and there’s gap in the schedule, then there might be scope. Do, do ask.

Do: Send clear information about what you want, and when you want it by. More about what we would find helpful below.



Do Not: Even consider suggesting that it will make a good portfolio piece and that therefore you don’t need to pay anything for it. If that was your plan, please take this opportunity to go somewhere else.  And tell us where the ‘somewhere else’ is so that we can warn them ahead of time.

Do Not: Ask for singing cupcakes, rainbows, ponies in tutus or anything like that. If you’ve looked at you will have some idea what Tom does most happily. He can and will do other things if they are interesting, but if you want something a long way from what he does, you may in fact want a whole other artist. Deviant art is your friend.


Do: Talk about mood, tone, atmosphere. This is really helpful. Do talk about the setting, (if it’s a book) do send a few small samples that give a sense of what it’s all about. (small files please)

Do: Mention what you like, in terms of style, things you have seen that were the sort of thing you were after. (but, as above, please do not ask for something in the style of another artist)

Do: Enquire about using an existing piece of Tom art. Those can be licensed and you will not be charged silly money. Unless you appear to have far more money than is good for a person, in which case, we’d like to welcome you to our wealth re-distribution scheme.

Do: Talk about collaborations and reciprocal things. We are open to working with people, if they are cool, and lovely, and interest us. (Professor Elemental, for example. John O’Marra, Walter Sickert.)

To contact via email- Hopelessmaine(at)

Thank you!


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